10 Simple Style Tips For Men

Thought Catalog

Oleg German / (Shutterstock.com) Oleg German / (Shutterstock.com)

There’s nothing more attractive than a well-dressed gentleman who knows he can rock whatever outfit he’s wearing.

1. It’s important that your clothes fit well—just as important as drinking water.

Men, tailors are your best friends. Our body types are usually imperfect compared to the ones hanging on the clothes rack in department stores. Get it fitted. You’ll look good and feel good.

2. Invest your money in nice-looking shoes.

When a person checks out your outfit, they usually start at the shoes. If no one’s approaching you and your eight-year-old Skechers, maybe it’s time to invest in some new kicks.

3. And match your belt with your shoes.

Easy, but also easy to ignore. When dressing up, make sure your belt is roughly the same color as your shoes. Brown with brown, black with black. When you don’t match, your appearance screams, “I…

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