10 Truly Emotional Sex Positions

Thought Catalog

Illustration by Claire WildmanIllustration by Claire Wildman

There are a lot of physical sex positions we know about — ya know, put your leg here, put two fingers there, shove this there — enough already! I think it’s time to explore our emotions during sex and laugh about it.

Below is a list of emotional positions I’ve pulled from my own experiences and talking with my slutty friends.

1. The “I think I’m in love with you, this feels so right. You’re perfect. Oh My God (has an orgasm) Ok forget everything I said I gotta go, bye” position.

This is the classic feeling of being with someone who is good in bed, but that’s all they have to offer. You’ll most likely say that you’ll never see them again, but since the sex is good you’ll probably go back until you fall in love with someone who is both good in bed…

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