White Ribbon For Abuse Awareness

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(Originally Published on November 24 2014 by Huffington Post, then retracted due to complaints by feminists about my status as an MRA and my involvement with A Voice for Men)

I had a childhood filled with physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Men who talk about these things are frequently mocked, referred to as whiners, and told to “get over it,” so most of us remain silent. We try to forget.

There’s nothing healthy about wallowing in your past, holding on to it, and nursing it like an old wound. But it’s also not healthy to bury those experiences, hiding them in a box, never talking or thinking about them. The path to healing is to look at your past, recognise it, acknowledge it, even talk about it, and then transcend it to become a better person.

It has been my honour over the past few years to become friends with…

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